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Tudor Sprinceana
Tudor Sprinceana
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"Databit Password Manager is a great tool to use if you're having trouble keeping track of all your passwords. It stores data offline, integrates more useful tools and its interface is constantly updated in order for it to become more refined. It's worth checking if you're looking for a safe place to save your passwords."

Why compromise the security of your important passwords & credentials to a password manager that’s integrated with your browser, when you don’t have to!

Most Password Managers store your data in cloud servers possibly thousands of miles from your location – Not Databit Password Manager! No one has access to your data except for you and those you trust.  

You can still safely backup your password databases to a cloud server of your choosing with our three-layer encrypted backups.  The point is – you have total control without the worry of a possible data breach.

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Password Manager

Password Manager

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Works with:       Windows 10    Windows 8.1    Windows 7

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NOTE: When using a browser that is not specifically supported, the browser must be set as the default in order to use it with an account.

*** Synchronization requires more than one copy of the software. Each copy installed on a separate computer.